October 25, 2012

The Batu Caves

I did not get enough rest either even after Eddie's wedding; a week after his big day, I went to Kuala Lumpur (again) with ppwen, a little flee for us from the pile of work. The reason why we drove down all the way to Kuala Lumpur was to meet up with our dearest girls; just met up with some of them, left out Jayne, Michelle and Syndy this time. All of them mean a lot to me, where we used to get through every thick and thin during our uni life, thank you all!
Before met up with them on weekends, we had our own plan to discover places that we didn't been during our 3 years stay in KL. We didn't get lost in the big city, thanks to our technologies, we were using an apps in my smartphone, Waze, highly recommended and please download it. So after crapping so much, I still didn't say where I'd been on the first day; but I think all of you might know it already since my title is so big! Ta-dah, it is Batu Caves.
Saw many pigeons at Batu Caves, I think there are thousand of pigeonssss; and tourists were so excited to stand in the middle of pigeons for photo. I not really dare to take this kind of photos, I scare pigeons will fly and bump on my face! OMG!
It's breathtaking isn't it? Wonder how the founder will had the idea to build a temple in a limestone hill.
The 272 concrete stairs def make me feel tired even before I started to conquer it, we rested half way and others did the same thing too!
The tiredness was worth after we saw the amazing view inside the limestone hill. Due to the atmospheric pressure (might be), I couldn't adjust my breath smoothly but luckily I didn't black out at there. Okay, I know I'm weak, laugh!
When we were in the Temple Cave, the temple was like having a praying ceremony, the music they played flow over the cave, cool~
When we went deeper, there's another smaller temple, and I totally heart the air, fresh enough. Wonder what people looking at?
The limestone cave! That's why people will try to finish the stairs just to have this view, nice no? One thing I forgot to mention, other than pigeons, there are a lot of of monkeys climbing here and there, and the next thing they will do is to attack people who hold food/drinks on hand, just like the monkeys in UKM!

. . . . . . . . . . 

"Zing", where are you? Laugh.

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