August 18, 2012

Off to beach

Another back-dated post. A week after we got back from Kuala Lumpur, we brought them to beach, this time, 5 of them were joining us. Like always, Hard Rock Hotel will be chosen instead of others, it's good to show them something different from Taiwan.
They were actually quite interested on this pool game, too bad we are not the guests over there, no fate to soak ourselves in the pool.
Another jumping photo, had no idea why Jerry posed like that (the person behind); and his hand still holding the sunblock bottle.  
Wish to tell them the same word, the show that never ends between all of us! We shall meet again, in Taiwan! The promise we made.
I think you'll know where it is if you follow my blog, Oh Sushi! Click here to have more info towards this restaurant. They surely like Japanese and Western food, which make them feel home, because the taste is quite similar to Taiwan's. 
Taiwanese trainees; you can ignore Jie Xiang (the one who wore sky blue shirt at behind) in this photo, laugh. Actually I just wish to have photo with 5 of them, not included him. 
My all time favorite - Salmon Sushi. I think it's too over for me to have salmon once / twice in a week. My cute trainee, Lindsey will send me photo of salmon if she saw the trace of salmon. Laugh

. . . . . . . . . . 

Dropped by Huey&Wah that day to have a little chit-chatting with the boss.

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