August 4, 2012

Hello, Kuala Lumpur

The day since our Taiwanese trainees came over company, we never fail them by bringing them walked around the beautiful island; this time, we were out from little island to bigger city, Kuala Lumpur. Only 2 of them were followed since their teacher also brought them to other places, yet we went more places than them; thanks to my colleague Jie Xiang, who been our driver for 3 days, approximately.  
Brought my fluffy bear along, and he provided a few pillows for trainees; that's how we spent 4 hours plus in the car before reached KL.
Our accommodation for 2 days in the center of the city, good thing about it is there have a few mini marts operate for 24 hours.
Our first destination of the day after touch down the city, KL Tower. It was like my first time stepped on this area, all the things seem so fresh to me, was wondered am I really not went to this place before. Laugh, the sign of short memory of me.
You will get to see the cultural village once you go to Level 1, didn't really walked inside the village, the broiling weather was killing me.
Found a area where Telekom display all the antique public phone in sequence from old time until now; the colors are nicer than now.
Pony ride is available at KL Tower, ain't sure about the price but I think it is not cheap to have a ride just in the car park area for one round. The ponies are cute but we feel that they are pity to endure the weight of tourists even-tho in the carriage. 
We parked our car safely in the hotel and used public transport to make our trip funnier, too bad only cab available in KL tower area.
Next stop at Suria KLCC, really miss those places where I used to go with my roomie, housemates, com-mates, and friends. Miss you!
Simply found a place to have our lunch at Signatures food court, heard that their Kuey Teow Th'ng is good together with popiah
Second round for our lunch at Sushi King, the little boy, Jerry yearned to try out the salmon as he claimed that Taiwan has the best Japanese restaurant with good quality of salmon provided. Yet, for me, as long as I get to eat salmon, I'll satisfy. Laugh
Professional photographer will take any pose they like as long as good photo are taken; all of us except Jerry running here and there to find a good spot to the the twin tower, while he helping us to carry bags and stuffs, oh yeah, and hiding under the shade.
Love this much, especially the metal-like dolphin. 
The cross-ring which I wore for whole trip, new love accessories of mine. Stay tuned for more posts on the KL trip with them and get to meet up with VIP on last day.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Good to have travel moment with them, great company and we made lots of laughter.

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