August 12, 2012

Last but not least

We gave ourselves a good sleep for the very last day in Kuala Lumpur, we only started to keep our thing half hour before we checked out. For the past 3 years when I studied in Kuala Lumpur, I seldom had my footprint stepped on Petaling Street.
So lucky that we managed to bring them over there before back to our lovely island, we reached there early so people were not many.
We had our breakfast there, along the food stalls street; the famous soya bean at Petaling Street! Over here, we have hot Tau Fu Fa, Lindsey and Jerry were so shocked because at Taiwan, they serve the Tau Fu Fa in cold. 
4 of us shared 2 big bowls of Gui Ling Gao, a jelly-like Chinese medicine, good for skin! Even with the honey, thee Gui Ling Gao still with bitter taste.
Went to have a walk in Central Market, to see all the arty crafty things, I still remember last time I was here for Pipit Wonderful Market.
VIP of the day - Jeremy Teh who promised us to lunch together, yet ended up he had his lunch, and just came over to accompany us.
Last destination at Kuala Lumpur City Galley before off to Dataran Merdeka. 
The largest miniature of Dataran Merdeka model is placed inside; over here, you can discover the city and learn about the history.
After the showroom, we entered the souvenir corner where you can grab it back with you if you find anything you like.
Last but not least, the Dataran Merdeka. The road is blocked as they had some event on-going that day, but it was okay to walk inside.
Jump, jump, jump! Even though Jeremy didn't touch on his cammie for ages, still, we can have this beautiful photo because of him, and he don't have a good photo because of us! Laugh

Lessons that I'd learnt throughout this trip:
1. Not to wear the same cloth with boy, as this will bring a lot of misapprehend even though it is the shirt we get from same event. 
2. Slippers are always your smartest choice! This is the first time I wore this slippers after-since I got it at Langkawi last year.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Finally finished the KL trip posts, after 3 weeks. 


  1. being featured in this blog again~~ wee~~~~

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  2. Haha, I didn't edit photo one, so just let it be :D

  3. may be my gadgets should come out play again...hahaha...