August 5, 2012

The journey continue

After had some photo shooting on the twin tower, we moved inside the mall and enjoyed window shopping before went off to next.
We brought them to Aquaria, is a must when we are in KLCC. The entrance fee is RM10 differ with MyKad holder (RM35) and non-MyKad holder (RM45); we managed to get them MyKad rate tickets like us while the ticket-man was studied on my cross-ring. Woot
Found many of this hammerhead shark design lamps on the top of us, like the blue ray that make them look real.
We were lucky to bump into their daily feeding session, they prepare different kinds of fresh meat for their fishes and other species. 
Found this fake diver in the Oceanarium. It's a 90 meter transparent underwater tunnel with a moving walkalator to take us on our journey beneath the depths, we went inside twice to get better photo on the fishes. 
The entrance of the Oceanarium, a shark mouth! We love to act wherever we are, especially me they said.
I don't like huge jellyfish because they have long and yuckie stings, yet I can accept the tiny one, looks cute and harmless.
Spent around half hour at their souvenir shops but ended up bought nothing.
After the underwater journey, we went to Pavilion, we walked from KLCC over here, can't really felt my legs after this walk. 
The thing that never change in Pavilion, the water fountain right in front the entrance; I like it in red color. Peep the Uniqlo shoplot behind, regretted not to get a piece inside. Sigh.  
You guys should know what shop we were in with above photo, was likely to see them make the sweet but they took long time to finish.
I didn't get one for myself, but Jie Xiang and Lindsey did, for their friends and family. Yet, I tried a few in the shop, laugh
Rushing up to Tokyo Street before we were leaving for our dinner at Lot 10 HuTong; and surprisingly Kampachi is in Pavilion!
Can't really find stuff that I like in Tokyo Street yet it's another food heaven for food hunter. Lot of shops selling nice food.
Lindsey and Jerry found this Jumbo Wagashi interesting, they also have it in Taiwan, so they bought some to try on the taste.
While waiting for our Jumbo Wagashi, fainted to see they making the chocolate flavor wagashi, I'm not into sweet thing like this. 
Waited for around 10 minutes, ta-dah, our Jumbo Wagashi were done, I chose the original one; I did tried on the chocolate flavor, it taste good for a bite but in whole it will be a little bit too sweet for me.
That's all for the first day; we took monorail to our hotel, and they changed the access card to token, feel to keep one with me!
Always been here for last 3 years, so happy that we don't need to hustle in KTM, but just LRT and monorail for this trip.

. . . . . . . . . . .

More and more to come, with slow pace.


  1. no KTM please!!!! lolx
    btw, japanese super duper like sweet flavour...

  2. Haha, I also don't like KTM! The rest still okay~ But we suffered for the last 3 years le
    I don't like too sweet, especially chocolate xD