August 20, 2012

The last dinner

Last back-dated post. Been invited to join all the Taiwanese trainees and their lecturers to dine at seafood restaurant, to witness all of them completed their internship; conducted by Disted-Stamford College. All of them were actually suit up, and prepared some performances for us. I'm glad that I get to know them, we still keep in touch until now, even-tho they have been back to Taiwan. 
I'll miss you!

. . . . . . . . . . 

Congrates to Da-Zhong (upper right) who finally get a nod from the girl he likes.


  1. ei... just notice that... why most of the engineers are wearing the boxes shirt?

  2. I also not sure le! Get shocked and CK keep say they already discuss to wear checked shirt, but didn't inform him LOL

  3. No, JX and Kar Soon are stripes. But somehow both of their shirts have the same design with different colors only. Haha....

  4. Si meh? Is checked shirts lai wo, just the tone lighter, so not obvious gua~ LOL