August 3, 2012

They ephemeral beauty

I only went for Bon Odori once, this was the second time; I just don't really like crowded area, somemore do not have seat provided. Yet, this time was something different, went there with friends and our Taiwanese trainee brought all their friends to meet up with us.
Our Penang CM was giving his opening speech for the event, like a star; everyone was paying their full attention on him, bravo.
Every year, a big stage on the center of esplanade field is a must, for the performance purpose; non-stop of musics and dances.
Found many kiddos wearing the kimono walking around, how cute! They even placed their fan behind the kimono belt, we also got our free fan from the booth and ended up place the fan in our pants or pockets, hilariously. 
Meet my trainee, Lindsey and her friend, Willy, he flied over Penang to look for them since he is in holiday now. Didn't have time to took group photos, they were running here and there for interesting stuffs, while we tried to find a seat in the middle of crowds.
Waited for hours just to see their beautiful fireworks, trainees said that this was much better than their fireworks in Taiwan. Proud
Our tiredness was slowly lick up our soul that night, but it was worth to wait until the end, for the beautiful thing. It did made me feel better even we were trapped in the traffic jam for almost one hour plus.

Ps: some of the photos were taken in wide screen mode. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

We shall go wild with fireworks as they will plunge into the sky and shatter the darkness.

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