August 8, 2012

We were up to Genting Highlands!

Woke up early in the morning so that we can get the bus ticket to Genting Highlands at KL Sentral, don't know why during fasting session, the tickets also sold out that fast, so we only can get ourselves the 9.30am bus.
Another monorail ride to KL Sentral, not even a man in the station, too early I guess.
The only fast food store that open 24 hours in KL Sentral. Everytime if I happened to come here too early, this will be my breakfast.
After we reached at the skyway station for cable car, we were told that the service was shut down for maintenance, unlucky! Crowds were waiting for the bus to fetch them to the top, but we gave up and went there with a cab, we had no time to waste.
Finally, we were there, the weather was good and windy; I was the only one with short pants, I really love this kind of weather.
Only bought the outdoor theme park tickets as we need to go down at evening time, we only chose those games that don't need to queue for long time, for my trainees, this theme park is like a kids playground if compare to theirs.
Magic show was available, and I noticed not even a Malay was at the theme park! Oops!
Just realized there are not much games that we can play, but queuing made us killed our time faster.
Something that made them feel excited about this trip, the casino! Too bad Jerry is under aged and the guard not allowed him to go inside. He needed to wait outside while I brought Lindsey to have a quick look inside the casino, still dislike the smoky environment.

. . . . . . . . . . 

One more day to go!

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