August 21, 2012

I wear this

It's a lazy afternoon where I don't feel to do anything nor step outside my house; I just wish to stay at home and doing nothing. Silly. Oh gosh, I had Wednesday blue now, going to work on tomorrow after a long holiday break, how I wish my holiday will never end.
Free my noon to clean my accessories, not much tho; just something that I use to wear during outing with pals or family. I'm not a accessories collectors, so if possible I'll stop myself from grabbing fancy thing which I'll never wear or use. 
My current love from Pandora, a pressie for my 24th birthday. It's a bracelet with 5 clips which can load charms on it; spotted camera charm in Pandora store yet the price can cost me for another bracelet, so just forget about it. Look on my hand, I have brown and red moles, mixed! Laugh

. . . . . . . . . . .

Okay, it's a lame post. 


  1. now i know what's for your 25th pressie d....

  2. Walao =.= You don't so siao~
    I'll get it before you do LOL

  3. hahaha...dont ane leh~ next year no need think liao mah.....hahahaha...

  4. *Jeremy*
    Don't need okay!~ LOL

    OMG! You are here~ Hehe, that time a bit bored ma :P

  5. you're not in luck...went to pandora klcc stock...told me to go pavillion...and its not as pricy as you were told :)

  6. hahaha! not bad wor. still take care till quite nice. it still so shine. rmb to take go polish. hmm.. should get you the other 1. that 1 should be more nice clips for you to put on! :)