March 16, 2011

Scrape a tear

Felt that everything was not going well today, I meant it, every single thing that happen today! I only left 2 days before pass up my thesis to the dean, yet the lab assistant still hold my GC-MS analysis, he haven't do it while I already gave him 3 weeks time to analyse it. I lost my appetite as well, too stress I think; only two meals per day: brunch and dinner. Were moodiness  for days, I miss my family, I miss those happy moment that I used to have, I miss you! All the feeling burst on time, and I did collapsed. Sob sob.
Can I cry now? Because I had done the discussion part of my thesis! Edit a little bit more for other chapters, then done. Laugh out loud.

I got my third meal today, supper. China burger from Connaught night market, thanks to you Jayne, it saves me from hunger. Wink

. . . . . . . . . .

"If you love me, hold me dear forever, always; If you can't, I hope it never started" I saw it in Facebook, which is so true.


  1. I will always hold u dearly :*

    mauckz!!! ^ ^

  2. wahaha, thank you :)
    Muakx muakx <3

  3. awwwwww muackssss!! hug tight tight!!!! <3

  4. *michelle* haha, thanks ha my wifey~ wahahah

    *ppwen* yer...i shy mo!!