March 25, 2011


Finally had my chance to dine in Kikyo, the Japanese restaurant which I had mentioned before. Went out earlier to avoid the traffic jam, this was clearly a wise move for us. Not really much people in the restaurant, might be because of the weather; flurry night. We went for buffet (you can also choose a la carte), since that was our purpose: eat something nice with unlimited supply. There is only 3 pages menu to hunt for food, not much choices we can made; yet those food were enough for us to get satiety.

Just share one of the food photo here (to prevent the awaken of hungered ghost), lazy to upload so many on here. Can you see the catsup on the top of these salmon teriyaki? One word to describe this: yummylicious. Other than this, we ordered lots of salmon sashimi,  shiro naguro (tuna) sashimi, ebi fried and shisamo. They were so nice until I'm still aftertaste about them. Bloated


  1. its....shiro MAguro....not naguro....and its shishamo.... :P

    should try saba shioyaki as well...grilled mackerel...with seasalt...and eat it with blended & drenched raddish.....and some lime.......O M G!!!

  2. YER!!!! i didn't try saba la...haha
    you treat!!