March 20, 2011


Was rushing for my thesis, and a little bit more, I'm going to get rid of it (although I still have the viva), just a short while. Purposely out to get some clay to do the prototype toilet bowl; okay, I'm just helping out with the skill I have, not a shrewd one tho. We managed to find a cheap and nice one after we surveyed for few shops, quite satisfied with the get. Had our tea time at Paddington house of Pancakes. Was so excited when I saw cozy pillow putting on the chair, the retro colors are likey. Yet, the service was just so-so.

The thing that caught our attention was the price of the Tea set, it is just RM8.50++, quite okay if compare with its normal dishes. Then we thought: why not have a try? Sometimes it's good to have something new and fresh.

Dutch Pannekoek with lemon, sugar and butter, match with a yellowish passionfruit and mango crush.

Tummy Warmer is with the soup of the day, baked beans and egg kartofelpuffer, served with hot coffee.

We called it a day. Ended with bad thing: my mouse spoilt for no reason, how could it be? Going to get a new one pretty soon. 

. . . . . . . . . . .

I dislike weekdays, because you will have a 360 degree change. So different, why?

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