March 2, 2011


Was talking about iPhone this afternoon, iPhone 5 is soon release, ever think to own one yourselves? It's a new trend now to own a high-technology and nice figure cellphone, a luxury need? In fact, I do like the iPhone and wish to own one (perhaps after working?), because of its figure and its function, me ain't sure. Or you can go for BlackBerry (I like the name actually, berry cute). 

Freaking shock when my coursemate show us his cellphone on the night before, was spoilt yet still function well. Kinda cool right?


  1. whose phone it is? :O super duper cool! hahaha

  2. imagine iPad with phone calling function... lagi cool.. bigger than last time 大哥大!

  3. *Jeremy* Although I like bb also, iPhone should be 1st choice.

    *Michelle* Hehe, give me five!!

    *Tehooo* Wei Qi's, wahahah, very geng ho?

    *Joon Hao* Haha, you go invent la~

  4. actually as big as 大哥大, already in the market.....Samsung Galaxy Tab....its smaller compared to iPad...but definitely BIGGER than most large phones in the market...i.e BB Torch 9800 and iPhone 4 and SE xpertia tht super large 1...X10 i tink...

  5. ipad really can phone one leh, i saw korean one can do that!