March 8, 2011

Because of you

I'm officially free from any mid-semester exam, it had dragged us for weeks to finish it. It's time to concentrate on my thesis writing then. If I can. My skin condition is bad due to the lack of sleep, not enough water and more reasons, hope it will become better after this. Were been invited to have breakfast with the gang this morning, but I rejected, so not me! Well, I think I were tired and worried about my lab work that time. Let's have it another time, guys? 

Soon I'm going to quit my lab work, tomorrow will be the last day if everything is going well; and only wait for the result of GC-MS. Say good bye to my last lab work, to my last mid-semester exam in my life; I left not much time here, I just realized. :(

. . . . . . . . . .

"I do well tonight because of you, this is fate." I'm proud to be your lady luck, it's like a charm on you? Laugh out loud. You're welcome. 

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