March 1, 2011

I gotta feeling

Hello, March. I left another 2 months to finish my study life (not to say the internship part), apart with my friend make me sad indeed. Everything come in this month, haven't finish my mid-semester exam, thesis, vi-va and need more time to revise for final. Tension level keep increasing without a node, sometimes, proper break could help it out. That's why we had a night out to Green box for singing session. My first time to go at night time, RM34++ for each person including buffet and it's until 2a.m. midnight. Worth?

We were enjoyed, sang those rock songs, jumped here and there, yelled as loud as we can, could you imagine we did this? Sure you can, because we are this kind of loco. I'm lucky that I didn't lost my voice after this. Sound of the day: Dirty Bit? Giggle. Party ON. 

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