March 28, 2011


This was the moment I longing for 3 years in my university life: viva (the oral presentation of my thesis). Had been suffer for months to complete my thesis, and today I shall bring all of this to an end. Specially thanks to my supervisor, Dr. Nik for making time to meet up with me every time when I were in the bottle-neck. I never thought that I would have this chance to complete my own thesis, although it isn't a swanky one. Will be happier and more excited if I do the green thesis cover later on after I complete the make over. 

The baju kurung which has accompany me for years, my all-time armed whenever I have presentation (the important one). So I wore it to my viva, my very last presentation in my study life; quite upset with this fact: I'm leaving here soon. Too fast for me to create more memories with my friends and coursemates. Sentimental. Always talk the bad things about my uni, but I love here unconsciously, used to it maybe.
The viva session, not that ghastly that I thought, when you are the one who stand on the stage, you will know what you gonna say next. Tik tok tik tok, my 15 minutes was end like that, with tricky questions bombed by my examiner and I think I did answered every question of his. Went out for a movie, World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, quite a nice movie, I like their spirit. I had Portuguese Grill Fish again as my dinner, and this time, I got more rice indeed. :)

. . . . . . . . . .

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"

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