March 11, 2011

For the first time

Had been planned for around 3 weeks, and finally I got the chance to go out with ppwen, the mid-semester exam and thesis writing are the reasons that dragged this outing. Too bad, my little Tehooo couldn't follow us as she had her lab work to do on the same day. Kraftee Bee Cottage is the thug that brought us to Times Square, which sell those handmade things; we just thought that we might can get something nice over there yet it is closed when we reached there. How despondent we were, seriously. 
Digi is doing their roadshow in the middle of the mall, and ppwen, the girl who wore a yellow top was the lucky one to get the free magnets from them. I think I am the one who brought this luck to her, Giggle. Blove ocean delegate fish, my simply thought, that's why I chose the blue one for myself, thanks to ppwen for that hearty magnet. 

Had a funny movie together, Rango. Was shilly-shally between I'm Number 4 and Rango, we went for latter since we wanted to something easy and relax. Okay, this definitely a comedy for us, laugh non stop in the cinema and the chameleon (Johnny Depp) is so ugly and funny! I like a quote from Man with No Name inside the movie, "No man can walk out on his own story." 

Always, a meal at Times Square make me headache, there have not much restaurants compare to the others, was wondering what to eat once we reached there. Finally, we just sticked to the original plan, went to the restaurant nearby the GSC cinema, Sek Hou (I think it is under the GSC property). Their menu is something like Kim Gary, another Hong Kong style restaurant, but I think I prefer Kim Gary after this. But you guys can have a try over there, since when you show them 4 GSC tickets which is same movie and same date, they will give you 20% off while you dine in.
We were like whirlwind shopping in the mall afterwards, since I got something to buy. Oh ya, I got myself a journal finally, heart it so much! Maybe it is not a perfect one as I said that time, but I like it, simple and nice. When I brought back this journal and show to Jayne, she was kind of shocked because she planned to buy me one during my birthday. Oops, so I think you have to think for another now (but I truly felt touched because of your thought).

Photos of us. Took quite a number of photos until we got a perfect one. I think we did make people walking around arrested their attention on us. Bashful. Nice outing with you, our first outing. :)

. . . . . . . . . . 

Somehow, I feel that, I don't care anymore. Maybe it's time, don't make me give up on you please.