February 25, 2011

Wedding Dinner

As I said, I'm going back to my hometown this weekend, attending wedding dinner of my friends. There were 2 wedding dinner for the weekend indeed, I just went to one of it (Chuk Leng's sister-Ai Leng's wedding), didn't have much time to go for another. Started to depart at 4.30 in the morning and reach Penang at 9a.m., so I started my day with a tired mode, thanks to his aunty for the ride.

Helped his sister to choose the corsages for her best mans and bridesmaids, going to use it for the next day while she was doing her manicure and pedicure. The theme color is in pink, so I chose champagne roses, it should match the pink color well with its elegance color tone. Went to buy some necessary for the wedding, and checked all the items. Used my little time to dress up before the wedding dinner (dinner is before the wive ceremony because restaurant was fully reserved by others). Didn't brought camera along since it was a busy night for all the people, and they did had some professional photographer over there to capture their precious moment. 

Back to the rented bungalow to prepare for the traditional ceremony and I only got my bath after prepared the fruits and Tang Yuan

He was the photographer and video-man of the day, of course for the next day too. This was the first time for me to witness the hair combing ceremony. A good experience, I can help my sister up during her wedding, did I mentioned I'm my sister's bridesmaid? :)

Ended the day with a feverish mood, keep thinking how will the ceremony looks like few hours later, it's going to be awesome and fun!

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