February 24, 2011


Was worry about my internship although I had already got one company which willing to accept me as the trainee. Been heard that they wouldn't give us any allowance, and I need to pay for the toll by myself if I travel to Butterworth everyday. It's quite costly for 3 months together with the petrol. Now, I just got the confirmation letter from them after 2 months waiting for that. Here comes the letter:

Did you noticed something? They did stated in the letter to give me allowance for that 3 months. It is great indeed, feel happy for that.


  1. 400 bucks? Quite nice leh, but is it enough for your transportation (including toll etc)?

  2. Toll enough lo, then petrol so so gua...then eat me pay myself least better than don't have lo XD

  3. congratz...
    that's mean got eluan lo..weee~~~
    but ur letter is different wif us one eh.....=.=...hehhee

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  5. Bie, that one is you sent me d layout lo~ The Mr. Eddie Tan lazy gua...maybe we not same department?

  6., can afford tht spegetti d loh? ;)