February 23, 2011


Like what my coursemate said: We have exam every week, how can we concentrate on our lab work and thesis? This is true, the dead line is anear yet we are still working on our lab work, the way we get our result is like dip by dip, too slow for us. Can we make it on time? I can't go to the 14th New Tune Live Performance (NTLP) this year I think, need to rush my fyp. Did I tell you that, I started to like Jess Lee's (the champion of One Million Star) voice after listened to her singing at the 12nd NTLP. Applause.

Getting more and more tired in class, sometimes I do doze off while my lecturer still giving his lecture, that's why I need some sweet to give myself a lift. First time to try the Eclipse's blackcurrant flavor, quite new for me. I do like it, by the way, it is in purple! I got my GC result finally, can you guys peek it? 

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