February 19, 2011

A pie in the sky

Found a little sweet note on the top of my table when I woke up in the morning, from Jayne. She went out to NECC (National Elephant Conservation Centre) trip with coursemates and lecturer before the dawn. Will be facing the toughest subject of mine tomorrow, and the notes are killing me, even when I finished them, I still not really understand what they are talking about. Screw the Chemical Bio-Organic. Oops, please bear with my rudeness for a day, I'll bury them in my grave yard after this paper. 

. . . . . . . . . . .

I hope it can be true, the plan we had talked about, the thing that I have dream about for times, sooner or later I'll sure get it.
You trust the talent that I've, and I trust the brain that you've.


  1. Hope that this helps :)