February 11, 2011


The ninth day of CNY is kind of important for Chinese to offer prayers to the Jade Emperor of Heaven, it is Jade Emperor's birthday.
We, the wretch, which didn't have the chance to go back our hometown, decided to celebrate the day together.
Went to their house to have some 'trembling' repertoire, why I said so? We went there to have cards game, which touch on money.
No win and no lose for me, I just got back what I had lost at the end of the game, I would say "I'm lucky", felt satisfy for what I got.
Along the way to have our supper, we saw sky lanterns were released in the middle of the sky, this surely super-induced the night piece, fireworks were bloomed beautifully together.

| Fattiness |

Oily food in the midnight, yet we enjoyed every bite without left. Had some trifle leisurely after the meal, a great night for me.

. . . . . . . . . .

Waiting for the photos to reach me, stay tuned again for prolong post. 

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