February 9, 2011

The twenty lacy crepe layers

It's been late in night, I dozed off and woke up on time when my little Tehooo came back from her one day trip to Malacca.
She bought us the famous mille crepe, a French cake made of many crepes layer; from Nadeje Cake House.
The first time I came across with mille crepe was at my sister's 24th birthday; we ordered one French Vanilla flavored mille crepe with Dark Chocolate Shavings as the topping from Humble Beginnings.
So I'm preferring the mille crepe compare to the normal cake, not to say I'm picky, I just don't like the cake with lots of cream.

| Nadeje Mille Crepe |

Feel blissful in this wee hours, thank you for the treacly mille crepe. :)