February 1, 2011

A day before

A day out with family before the chinese new year eve; I still remembered the time we went out exactly on chinese new year eve, headache with the jam-packed road, that's why we won't try another round this year.
Sister wanted to buy the shorts that she eye covetously for times, finally bought it after my entice. *Laugh out loud*
Bang into my secondary schoolmate, Qian Ru. Talked for awhile, so nice that she still can recognize me after all these years. 
Just simply chose a place to get a bite for our dinner. Decision-making phobia again.

| Main course |

| Sweetie |

. . . . . . . . . .

The progress is slow without my help, unlike the night before; still, add-oil for all this.


  1. Phewit!!! I'm hungry :D

  2. haha, me too! I once came back start to feel hungry again XD

  3. cuz u owes forgot i already eat le XD blerk!!! miss u!!! :*

  4. cuz u owes forgot * u already eat le XD blerk!!! miss u!!! :*

  5. haha, I didn't forgot ho~ just really too hungry liao...
    miss u too ah jayne :*