February 13, 2011


We are seriously a wretch, we cannot online due to some problem, we thought that the router was spoilt because Zues was happily playing with his lightning bolt for days. In fact I heard that, they just closed it to prevent router spoil by the thunder.
We suffered for not able to online, got nothing to do with when we are bored, and surely we didn't have mood to study as well.
Games would be the best during this moment.
Obsess with a new game, Youda Survivor, it's kind of Robinson Crusoe's story, they just put it on game, the aim is: stay alive.

| Youda Survivor |

When I saw the voodoo inside the game, I felt it's quite familiar, I saw it before at other places. Then I recalled back the time I had my journey to the Pipit Market, that's the time I saw the voodoo.

| Voodoo in the Pipit's House |

He were wearing the M&M necklace if you noticed. He looked beaming isn't it? 

. . . . . . . . . . 

This post was updated at my hostel's foyer, I went there to online, pray hard to have our wireless back. Please.