May 30, 2014

Dinner at Oh Sushi

The last time I dined in Oh Sushi was like 2 years back, I never went back again as I have 437964 more restaurants need to visit. Until recently, I went back again for their sushi; so this post mainly for their food, if you wanted to know more about their interior, read my previous post here. Please remember to make your reservation during weekends (even weekdays you might need to get your reserve done) and I didn't called them ended up we were in the waiting list when we were there. Plus, it was a day before Mother's Day, that's why every restaurant is quite full house. Their service is good, I got their call in less than 10 minutes and they got our table ready when we were there on second time. Was not really hungry that's why we only ordered some to share together. 
Sashimi & Salmon Teriyaki Set | RM35
Oh Sushi used to have more bento set, now they left only 2 pages of bento set, I can say that they have lesser choices compare to last time, that's why we took a long time to decide what bento to order. We had the salmon teriyaki set which come together with 3 slices of salmon sashimi, you can see how thick the sashimi slices are! Nothing much to comment as this is just the normal bento we had. 
Gyoza | RM8
I always wanted to try Gyoza whenever I visit a Japanese restaurant. The gyoza come in 6 with the price of RM8, normally we can only get 5 pieces of goyza at other restaurants. These is quite good but I still prefer the one at Sushi Zento tho, the stuffing in gyoza here seems to be lesser and quite oily. They did not provide any ginger slices in their soy sauce (I'm not quite into ginger but here ginger slices did spiced up the taste of gyoza). 
Rainbow Roll | RM22
I ordered this as well during my previous visit, it's quite worth to order rainbow roll as you can try different type of sashimi in one plate. Previously, they do not have the mayonnaise on the platter, I do not know it's only for decoration or we can dip the sushi with it; I dipped the sushi with mayonnaise and I quite like the combination.
Soft Shell Crab Salmon Roll | RM19.90
Last but not least, we had their soft shell crab salmon roll which is in their promo list, each sushi roll cost only RM19.90 where normally it would be cost around RM25-RM30. Quite worth! The sushi is quite big in portion but I insisted to put a whole piece into my mouth lol, had difficulty to chew on it btw. Thumb up for their waiter and chef as they trying to serve your food as soon as possible (so that they can have more customer in return), the total time I was in the Oh Sushi is around 1 hour +, from order, serving, eat and until billing. Yay or nay? Laugh

3E-G-5, Block E, Ground Floor, Straits Quay 10470 Tanjung Tokong, Penang.

Business Hours
11.30am - 10.30pm (Daily)

Contact Number

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Going to my sister there and have our roadtrip tomorrow, but it's raining now. Feeling meh.

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