May 19, 2014

Pik Nik Everyday

Finally finished my Hat Yai posts, after drag for almost one month plus; Singapore trip will be up soon, not sure how long it will takes, but let's hope that I can finish it by next month maybe. Laugh. I don't feel to face laptop during my weekends or even after work for whole day long, not good for my eyes, I started to feel that I'll get tired easily if I face laptop or computer too often. I should have other activities which make me healthier, any recommendation? Let's see what I've done recently, no doubt, it is related to food again. Wanted to have some bites after I cut my hair this weekend (run out of idea how to cut my hair, so still remain as usual), we went to De Yard Cafe but too bad it's under renovation now. With no other choices, we went to Pik Nik
I went there like 3274395 times, so no photos needed whenever I'm there unless we order food other than their signature, when I said signature, all of you should know what I meant. If you can't get it, read my previous post and you will know the signature is their Waffle Salmon. I ordered the same food and beverage (winter melon lemon tea) everytime I was there, weird right? I just don't like to change when I used to something. But not this time, I wanted to have something different and I'm glad I did!
Mango Yogurt Smoothies . RM9
I had this, although we wanted Banana Yogurt Smoothies at first. After 2 minutes we placed the order, I heard the staff said: BO JIO, I still thought what are they talking about, then the staff came and told us their their banana is not available (bo jio means no banana in Hokkien, but bojio means did not inviting your friends to go out together in Hokkien; kind of complicated lol). We switched it to Mango Yogurt Smoothies, and I love it. I want to try all their yogurt smoothies, one by one.
Dory Dorry . RM12
Pumpkin Cream Spaghetti . RM13
We had these 2 hours after I had my lunch, no wonder I can't slim down anymore, I have unlimited food supply here in Penang! I don't really like dory fish when it goes to fish n chip, but here as a small bites, it's up to my liking, maybe mainly due to their tartar sauce. I think they should serve double portion of tartar sauce, it really taste good even I just had it plainly, ain't sure if we can request more as we didn't ask for it. Their spaghetti, one of those food that I'll surely go back to have more, they should add more variety on it, now only 3 flavors are available in their menu. Bits of bacon are added in the spaghetti, the pumpkin sauce is really creamy which I think the cheese that they sprinkle on top did a little help, I didn't waste any bit of their sauce seriously. Wanted to try their kimchi spaghetti on my next visit and hope that they won't let me down. 

15, Nagore Road, 10050 Penang.

Business Hours
3pm - 12am (Sunday to Thursday), 3pm - 1am (Friday to Saturday)

Contact Number


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