June 7, 2014

Mama's birthday celebration at Sushi Zanmai

Feel to write about my mum's birthday first before the Singapore and Ipoh trip, gosh, I should really speed up my update before I totally forgot every little bit about the trips. Penang famous with different kind of food, too much until I scratch head to look for a place for the birthday dinner, my parents tried quite many restaurants before, thanks to me and sister always bring them hunting different restaurants. So, to make it simple, we decided to dine in Sushi Zanmai, which my parents and sis never been before, for me, it's my second time to dine in Penang branch, plenty of times in KL branch. 
We made reservation a day before the dinner (strongly recommended if you want to skip the queue) and luckily we did, even it was already 8.30pm people still queuing outside the restaurant for dinner. We managed to get some shopping before the dinner and I got myself a pair of pants from H&M, I starting to dig out the shopaholic in me, it's a good thing to me but bad thing to my wallet.
You will ask, will my parents enjoy the Japanese food (or it's me enjoy the most since I'm really into the Japanese food) as most of old folks enjoy Chinese food than other cuisine, and some don't even want to try new thing. My parents are another way round, they like to try new food, explore new thingy that they hardly get last time when I was still a kids. So if they like the food, they are okay to go with us again and again, if they don't like, they will tell me not to bring them again, like Korean food, they tried but not up to their liking, so next time if you see I go to a Korean restaurant, it's either with my sis or my pals. Talk no more, let's look at our food. 
Ebidon | (L) RM15.90
Chicken Katsudon | (S) RM8.80
First, let's look at their bento, I take back my word "their sushi quality is good but bento is just normal" as this time I really feel their bento is quite good, maybe with different chef. I didn't try their Ebidon but I had it last time, it is quite good and will be better if the fried prawn are not soft after simmered with the egg. On the other hand, the Chicken Katsudon is superb, the best I ever tried (in fact, I seldom have it lol). Normally I always feel the fried chicken is too heaty for me but not this one, this is just nice. The price of the bento is really affordable, only RM8.80 for the small one, how worth!
Kaisen Nabe with Udon | RM21.80
It is something like hot pot with soy-based soup, with plenty of onion and vegetables make the soup so nice and tasty, we almost finish the whole pot btw. My sis ordered the set together with udon, and it also come together with prawns, oyster, mushroom, pumpkin slices and fish slices. Because of the hot pot, we had difficulty to put everything on our table, I'm not sure the table is too small or we ordered too much lol. The air-con there is not strong, when we almost finished the soup, my mum started to sweat a bit.
Spicy Salmon Belly Nabeyaki Udon | RM15.80
I tried this on my first visit here and I really love the taste, so I ordered this again this time and wanted to share with them. You can see the salmon belly slices are too much until you can't see any udon from top; do not get the wrong idea from the name, it's not spicy at all and I can finish the soup after I finished the udon. Everything in this bowl is perfectly cook, I strongly recommend this to you if you happen to dine there; I'll definitely go for this again on my next visit. 
Salmon Zanmai (8pcs + 1roll) | RM20.80
Unagi Salada Roll | RM14.80
Since we are not sat around the conveyor belt, so we didn't take plenty of sushi plate (accept for 2 plates of tamago sushi), we decided to order some sushi roll and share it together. I must have salmon every time I dine in a Japanese restaurant, not only me, my whole family quite like salmon too (we got the same blood in our vein), so the Salmon Zanmai would be the best choice for us. In this roll, we had salmon belly, broiled salmon (this is good!), smoked salmon and the salmon roll. Other than that, we ordered the Unagi Salada Roll which is one of their Unagi Specials (only valid from 30th May to 26th June), this is quite good as well especially you dipped the sushi with the mayonnaise on the plate! We order so much but only cost us around RM120+, which is really quite cheap compare to other Japanese restaurant; but talk about their service, hmm, still okay but they need to be more cheerful when talk to diners. 

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More water is needed after karaoke session with colleagues and wth the weather is so hot now!


  1. Hi Fish!

    Thank you very much for patronizing Sushi Zanmai. :) We are glad that you have enjoyed our food! Note taken on the service crew, we will work to improve our service accordingly. Hope to serve you again soon and have a great day ahead!

    Management of Super Sushi