May 18, 2014

Sawadee Hat Yai . Part 6

And so, our last destination of the day - the floating market, I forgot where the floating market located, so if you wanted to know, just google it or leave it to your tour guide if you have one. I started to feel tired and thirsty when I reached the floating market, so not much photos were taken due to heavy flow of crowds, kept my camera safe was my main concern. 
It was hard to decide what to buy since most of the floating stalls selling the deep fried food, saw these little sushi which cost only 5THB for each, spotted the one and the only angry bird sushi! We planned to get some of the sushi after we survey other stalls, end up we did not manage to have these after 10-20 minutes we went back the stall, sushi SOLD OUT. Why this happened on us? Sigh
Wonder how you pay or they give you back your change? Using their self-made basket, it's so convenient and clever.
The stall that attract most of the people goes to this beverage stall, it's quite cheap for the drink and you get to bring back the cup, it only cost around 25-30THB. We bought 3 of these, and now we are not using it for drink, but we used it to put pens and combs. 
Some of the food we had at the floating market, not much choices tho, we were planning to have dinner there but too bad most of the food can't really fulfill us. For me, I do not know what to eat, wanted to buy bihun soup kind of food, but it is quite hard to find a table, and it is so troublesome if you hold the paper bowl, standing aside to finish it. So we just had something easy to carry and left the place after one hour walking around. Were then went back to our hotel and ate some expensive hawker food nearby the Lee Garden Plaza.

We did not waste our last day morning to get last round shopping at day market, the van driver only come and pick us from hotel around 12 noon. The must-buy-item at Hat Yai goes to the Zebra brand dishware, we got our items with half price cheaper than in Penang; imagine you visit my kitchen now and you will see most of the things are from Zebra brand. If you have plenty of times, I think you can find a lot of cheap stuffs around the market. 
We ended our Hat Yai trip at Black Canyon Coffee, we do have the same restaurant at Penang but we did not pay our visit there, maybe nothing special attract me to visit? Laugh. We had their Pad Thai (char koay teow) and it's quite good, thumb up for that! 
Last but not least, food that I bought from Hat Yai, half of them goes to my colleagues, another half still with me till now, I really seldom eat it. I bought them because they are extremely cheap, kiasu to the max. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

A raining Sunday is a good day!