May 16, 2014

Sawadee Hat Yai . Part 5

Let's continue my journey with me after the Naga Head statue we visited earlier, this round I might cut short some temples so that you wouldn't get bored of these. The Naga Head is somewhere near to Samila Beach where you started to see people heading to the beach to get some sea breeze. The hot sun was really killing us but the strong wind did some help to make us feel better.
The main purpose to here is for The Golden Mermaid statue on the Samila Beach. At first we wanted to take photos with the statue, but you have no idea how long you need to wait for that, you can see people trying to climb on the statue and accidentally drop the flowers, which I felt sad about it. We end up snap the mermaid statue and off to bench to get some rest. The Golden Mermaid is with a story, narrated by Khun Wigitmatra, a mermaid sat and combed her hair on a beautiful beach on a starry night. A young fisherman met and frightened her and she fled into the sea. The fisherman waited for her but she disappeared forever.
Before we left Samila Beach, bro-in-law bought some souvenirs and we girls decided to get another coconut ice cream, my sister just couldn't get enough on this. Personally, I think this coconut ice cream is better than the one we had on the first day, the glutinous rice is the best we had! Maybe it was just icy stuff make us feel better during the hot weather. 
Next, we went to the latest attraction in Hat Yai  - Hat Yai Cable Car, which located on top of the Hat Yai Park and Guan Yin statue, there are a few attractions near to this place where I will talk more about that later. The price for the cable car is 200THB per pax (go and back), basically there are only 2 cable cars available, you need to wait for some time to reach your turn. 
The Great Brahman is at the other end of cable car, the Great Brahman is the Hindu god of creation which force present within all things, which we always named him as 4-faced Brahman. Therefore, a lot of tourists come over here to worship and pray for blessing, saw numerous of golden elephants located around the Brahman statue? They are all donated by people who wish came true after praying the Great Brahman. The three-headed elephant called "Erawan" is the famous shrine to the Great Brahman.
We did some praying at The Great Brahman, you can get the set of praying stuff (joysticks, oil, candle and flowers) at 60THB. There is a method on how are you going to pray the Brahman, if you do not know, you may ask the people who sell the joysticks, he will tell you on the method (he speaks fluent Hokkien). I have a everything-also-know-sister, so she is the one who teach us the way, she learnt it during last visit to Bangkok. We were so lucky to see people put the firecrackers at the place they provided for votive people.
After came down from the top hill, we went to several temples nearby the cable car station, Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj (the tallest Standing Buddha in Southern Thailand, we can actually see the statue from far) and Hat Yai White Guan Yin. There are around 4 temples nearby the cable car station, once you came down from the station, you can slowly visit and pray at each temples, we are running out of time, so we just have some walk and prepare ourselves to our last destination - floating market. Stay tuned for that. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

Decided to have a hair cut by this week. 


  1. i would like to ask where is thr exact location for the Zebra Thailand shop that you posted and bought from? I currently at Hatyai but couldnt find the shop you posted which is the shop o would like to find

  2. What is the correct method to pray to Brahman? I have no idea at all.

    1. Hi, Frankie sorry for the late reply, I hope I still can help you on this:

      The 4 faces indicate different meaning, (from the entrance and clockwise) 1. career 2. Love & Marriage 3. Wealth 4. Health

      You may only pray and make wish on one side that you care the most, or just normal praying for 4 sides

      Below are the steps that I gather from internet:
      1. Before the prayer, you shall wash your hand with holy water.
      2. Prayer shall start on the side on the entrance and follow by sides with clockwise .
      3. You shall light up your candle (only 1 candle available) and start to pray each sides according to Step 2.
      4. During praying, you shall put 3 prayer joystick and 1 bunch of flower on each side.
      5. Put the candle (that you light up on Step 3) on the side that you care the most.