February 28, 2014

Korean Cafe Gil . Ivory Plaza

Now most of my friends and colleagues have a rage on the Korean drama - You Who Come From the Star, even male colleague also ask around where can he get the drama from. On this moment, I seem to be wanted as I'm one of the source for this drama (my sister is the main source, I'm just a co-source, laugh). Something I suffer from Korean drama and TV shows is when they show the eating scene, gosh, the food really luring my tastebuds to the max and it always make me crave for Korean food for no time. 
Try to hunt new Korean restaurant (other than the one I always go) within Penang is quite challenging as here do not have much variety like KL. Lucky me came across a food blog and discover a new Korean cafe with the name Gil that located at Ivory Plaza. 
Oh yeah, most of the Korean restaurant served pork as they provided BBQ service; since here do not have BBQ service, the owner change a little bit on their menu and make it halal! You can see lots of USM students come here lepak after their class. That's their handmade menu which wrapped in fabric, it's quite surprising that they actually serve variety of food, so many to choose from! The highlight over here is they do not charge 16% extra for service charge and government tax, it's just great.
I don't really recognize Korean pop stars if I didn't watch Running Man, the TV show really help them a lot to be more famous and gain more fans. Gil is a cozy cafe which make me feel like home and they have only limited seating, make sure you come earlier if you come in a group. Those polaroid photos always remind me that my baby 7s is rotten in home, I should bring back its life. 
Date Tea (left) and Plum Tea (right) . RM5.50
Heart their handmade coaster that served together with cold drink, those tea are just normal, they have hot beverage as well. 
Ddukbokgi . RM8.50
We ordered those food that can be seen in most of the dramas, the first one would be ddukbokgi - spicy rice cake, here they cook the rice cake with fishbar and vegetables. I'm quite regard on the taste of ddukbokgi whenever I go as I had the best ddukbokgi during univiersity life which cook by friend's mum. I started to forget the taste, but in Gil I think I get the taste back, it's quite similar with the one I had, but I think it will be better if they can make it spicier. I want to go Korea for their original ddukbkgi!! 
Dolsot Bibimbap . RM9.50
Next would be their dolsot bibimbap. I know about bibimbap during secondary school when I watched Full House; where Song Hye-Kyo pour all the dishes and rice (left over from last night) into a rice bowl and mixed with chili paste, seeing her eating the self-make bibimbap with a big spoon really make me drool. Chili paste is a soul in this dish as you can have different vegetables/meats in bibimbap but the taste would be based on the the chili paste. After-all, their chilli paste is not spicy enough, you can pour as many as you like (chili paste bottle is given together with this dish).
Gimchi Jjigyeo . RM9.50
Lastly would be Kimchi Soup! My all time favorite, love the way they served gimchi jjigyeo here as they serve the pot of pan just like what you can see from dramas. So Korean isn't it? For their kimchi soup, you can choose to have it with chicken or tuna, I chose the formal one. The soup is up to my liking, you can finish it all because there is no MSG added in their food. Something I should mention over here, their kimchi that come with every main course is awesome, it's not too sour or spicy, I can just finish them all without putting them into the soup. LOL

2-1-1, Ivory Plaza Halaman Bukit Gambir, 11700 Penang.

Business Hours
11.30am - 10pm, Closed on Sunday

Contact Number


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I started to get back my enthusiasm towards craft.

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