February 7, 2014

art is rubbish / rubbish is art

If you are Penangites, you should know who is Ernest Zacharevic, he is the one who started to beautify our island, at the heritage area. I know this post come a little bit too late as his solo show - Art is Rubbish / Rubbish is Art at Hin Company Bus Depot left only one week; but I think most of the people should have pay a visit already. I went on the first day, which I think I shouldn't (but I'm glad I went there on the opening) because you need to wait for your turn to take those arts. Ended up I went to visit it again one week after the opening.
The opening show is open to public at 8.30pm, best friends of his or reporters were invited to his private party at 6pm. When we were waiting outside, you can see that those reporters rush in and out to take photo of the crowds; the next day when I read the news, I saw my face (to be exact, only my head) on the newspaper, lol. I saw real person run out from the drawing and shown up on that night, they take photos with their drawing while we take photo on them with their drawing. Quite funny btw. I upload some of his arts over here, if you wanna see all, please go to Him Company Bus Depot, this show is until 14th February.
This is not his art work, but I found this is quite 'art', so I take a shot on this. What do you think?
Many people wanted to take photos with him on the first day but he rejected as if he take one, all of us will run to him and take non-stop. On my second visit, I managed to get one photo with him! My life is complete, laugh out loud

Hin Company Bus Depot, Jalan Gurdwara, Georgetown, Penang.

Opening Hours
12pm - 8pm (Until 14th February)



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