March 1, 2014

3D Amazing Real-Life Stunning Arts . Penang Paragon Mall

Still remember I posted the Made In Penang Interactive Museum where they have quite a number of 3D paintings? Now, Penang have another 3D Art Exhibition located at Paragon Mall and there are more than 40 life-sized 3D paintings being displayed. 
It's actually located at Level 3, St. Jo's Gurney Paragon Mall, you can get your entrance pass from the booth before enter the exhibition. The entrance fee is slightly higher than the Made In Penang Interactive Museum as it's actually a fund raising for handicapped organised by EDEN. Set your mind right, and pay more for the charity; after-all I spend around 2 hours to finish posing with all the paintings. Act fast because the event is last until 16-Mar-14, you still have 2 more weeks to go! 
Yoohoo~ the entrance for 3D Art Exhibition, have a photo session the Disneyland characters before going inside. Same advice to you: do not go there during peak hours if you want to take nice photos with the paintings; lucky us to go there during weekday and it seems like there are not much visitors during our visit, so there's no awkward moment during photo session. 
Didn't show much paintings here, left some surprise for you to discover yourselves. I got myself sweating non-stop while taking the photo with paintings, some paintings require you to lay down and pose, although it's quite weird but the effect is damn good! The most popular painting would be the angel's wing (my thought), all of us wish to be an angel and wish to get the good shot with that painting. 
Go to pay a visit now before it's too late and enjoy yourselves! 

Level 3, St. Jo's, Gurney Paragon Mall, Penang.

Operating Hours
10am - 10pm (Until 16-Mar-14)

Entrance Fee
Adult : RM20
Children/Student : RM15

. . . . . . . . . . .

Going to trip with family soon, although it's just a normal place where people use to go. But I like.