February 23, 2014

The Mugshot Cafe . Penang

Another back dated post where my sister finally found some free time to explore little cafes with me; we visited 2 cafes in a row and I had too much coffee, ended up I lost my appetite for dinner and quit coffee for more than one month. Too much of caffeine will kill me for sure, laugh. Our first cafe of that day was The Mugshot Cafe which is opened almost a year now, only paid my visit recently as my sister wanted me to visit here with her instead of other people. Now, my sister has become my new partner in crime to hunt little cafes, provided she has free time for me. She never gain weight with so much food she intake, me the one look like a giant beside her. Sigh
The Mugshot Cafe is located at Chulia Street, so parking will be a big problem, you may just park far-er and walk over here, sometimes you can find some tiny thing that amaze you along your path. It's a good spot for breakfast since they did not provide heavy but healthy breakfast and you can have a sip of cuppa before your work or before you start your daily activities. They mostly provide table for two at the entrance, if you come with a big gang, try to look for a bigger table behind where you can see a mug shot stage there. 
Didn't really walk around the cafe as there were quite crowded the day we went, not much space for you to move around. The polaroid shots that hang on the wall is awesome and I found our CM Lim Guan Eng also had his mugshot taken with charge: FREEDOM. 
This make me think of the scene I saw during my trip to Vietnam. Vietnamese who open a small cafe likes to have little chair and table arrange facing the road instead of putting them inside the shop, diners also facing the road during their dine-in, I found it quite weird.
Mocha (RM12) . Latte (RM10)
My sister will only order Mocha, her first choice wherever she go; as for me I just try to pick something different from her and ended up with Latte. The coffee is quite mild with strong bitterness from the cocoa, I put quite a number of brown sugar but the bitter taste is still there, the nature of Latte I think. I should go for fruit juice next time. 
Bagel Muffin with Bacon & Egg (left) . RM10
My sister's choice. A slice of bacon was wrapped around the egg with mayo drizzled on top; you might think that it's quite hard to munch the bagel, no worry, just press the bagel to make the bacon flat and chew on it. I had a bite on it and it's really taste good, I think this is a must-try bagel for those who visit this cafe. The bun (for hers and mine) didn't toasted well that day, you can see the char-sign on the bun. The over-toasted on the bun make the bun become harder than it was. 

Bagel Muffin with Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon (right) . RM10
You know me, I'll always go for salmon provided they have it on menu, but this didn't fancy me a lot because the strong cream cheese taste actually cover the smoked salmon taste. To be frank, I was quite disappointed on this bagel, should have just order the same one with my sister. Yet, my sister say it's okay for this bagel (but she still loves hers one more), so it's up to you to decide which is better.
Yogurt with Walnuts & Raisins . RM10
Apart from bagels, they also provide their handmade yogurt with toppings that you hardly find outside the cafe, we have walnuts and raisins. Our choice of yogurt did not come with honey/gula Melaka that can complements the tartness of the yogurt, it's quite sour every bites we had, that's why we must eat the yogurt together with walnuts or raisins to neutralize it. I think it's quite hard to finish it by your own as it's quite thick, so if you want to order their yogurt, find some friends to share with you!

302, Chulia Street, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
8am - 12pm (Daily)

Contact Number
012-4056276 (Jesse) or 016-4825501 (Tristan)


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Thanks to my boss for appreciate me that much, I'll try my best to contribute more.


  1. Already seen few reviews on The Mugshot but seeing the way you presented it is another whole new perspective. Good job! :)