February 24, 2014

Moustache Houze . Penang

Here comes another cafe we visited on the same day after we we had a nice bagel over here; was actually went to RedBox before came here lah. It's another cafe that I didn't visit right after their opening few months back with the same reason as the previous one; I always passed by this area and mumbled to myself that I'll definitely pay a visit some day. I stepped in the cafe right before this visit, but then it was so crowded that I couldn't manage to get myself a seat. Lesson learnt: not to visit new cafes during weekends. 
Moustache has become a popular prop when it comes to take photograph with pals, and I think this is why the owner will open a cafe call Moustache Houze and they provide a lot of props with moustache shape for you to take your selfie with friends. 
It was quite empty during the time we visited the cafe, only 1-2 tables were occupied; once we seated, more and more people came in for dessert or tea, I always have a thought that I can bring customers to shops/restaurants whenever I was there, laugh! The cafe is divided into three floors, if you like to have your own private time with your friends, you may consider the 1st floor where you can occupy one room for your group if you spend more than RM80, each room with different moustache painting. Or you can just go to 2nd floor for guesthouse liked seating which provide bean bag! If you just come here for a stop, simply want to taste their coffee, or come in small group, then ground floor will be more appropriate for you. 
Chocolate Ice Cubed with Milk . RM12.90
My sister's choice. She always likes to order signature drinks in the cafe, so before reached the cafe, she actually did some homework and she know what to order in a blink of eyes. Other than chocolate ice cubed, they also have espresso ice cubed, depend on your liking. If you don't like these, you can choose to have fruit ice cubed with soda that can chill you out during a broiling day. The milk served is hot and once you pour it into the cup then you will have chocolate milk for your beverage. 
Iced Minty Cocoberry . RM10.90 (roughly)
I spent quite some time to decide what to drink, keep asking the barista which beverage should I have and he intro me the seasonal drink, only applicable during Christmas period. The name actually sound pretty, it's actually a mixture of espresso, mint and some berries flavor. The taste end up quite weird (maybe I started to get hangover due to the caffeine), not to my liking btw; for people who love espresso that much, you may try it.
Caramel Almond Crepe Cake . RM10.90
Luckily they are selling crepe cake, if not I won't share with my sister. Whenever I hang out with my sister and parents, they will happily share the cakes while I'm sitting there chewing other snacks by my own. Can't help, I don't really like sponge cakes unless the sweetness is up to my liking, I'm hard to please I know. This caramel almond crepe cake is quite normal, maybe I always prefer vanilla french crepe cake more, original rocks!

No. 24, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
12pm - 12am (Daily)

Contact Number


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I'm only choosy on sweet-tooth.

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