February 9, 2014

Brekkie . Roti Bean Cafe

It's been awhile for me to introduce new cafes in my island, the last one I posted here was during November; I did not stop unveiling new cafes these 3 months, in fact I visited a lot of new cafes with friends and family. It's just the time matter that I didn't post here, you can still see how active I am in hunting new cafe if you follow my instagram (follow my instagram @stimfishchong). Few months back, I've been to Roti Bean Cafe for my brekkie which located at Lorong Chulia; lot of cafes blooming over here btw. 
There is no signboard for the cafe, but you will know it's the right cafe once you see the colorful bikes parked neatly in front of the cafe. 
We was the first customer there, shown up sharp at 9am. Heart the laid-back ambiance, a great place to enjoy your hearty brekkie or even brunch, it's a small cafe and the main seating is located at 1st floor, there is only 5 to 6 tables if not mistaken. However I don't think this cafe is suitable for the elderly as the stairs is quite steep, it's already quite hard for young people like us. 
Simply shot something once we placed our order, they actually used iPad to take our order and with that for billing as well. Maybe the cafe is still new when we paid our visit that time, their menu is pretty limited so we didn't took long time to decide what to order (actually we google before we reached, the power of network!); now they have renew their menu to include more variant of breakfast.
RB Signature Soya Milk . RM4
Good brekkie must pair with healthy drink, so we had the signature soya milk (soya milk was the only beverage provided in the menu afterall). Soya milk cost only RM3, top-up another RM1 you can get their signature soya milk, why not go to the best? The only difference between the original one and the signature soya milk is the additional of Horlicks flavor which make the latter one richer and sweeter. The sweetness is still to my liking until the last few sips, it became too sweet for me. Oops, my bare feet! Yup, you need to leave your shoes at ground floor before you went up here.  
Egg Benedict with Smoked Turkey Bacon . RM10
Egg Benedict is not something usual you can find in Penang, I had some outside the island, that's why I was quite excited to try Roti Bean's Egg Benedict. It's like an art when they serve the brekkie to us, I would say it's like an open sandwich! Lettuce, 2 pieces of smoked turkey bacon, poached egg (doused with Hollandaise Sauce) was placed on top of white bread which spread with butter. Overall it's quite good, but I prefer smokier turkey ham and fluffier bread. 
Egg Benedict with Smoked Salmon . RM11
Mine! Similar to the top one, but there's no lettuce between the smoked salmon and bread, those is taken out and placed aside. I always feel food topped with salmon will be the best food, a little bit too bias but who care, I really love salmon what! Laugh. This Egg Benedict is to my liking compare to the one I had in Red Tomato, Langkawi, the one with too much steamed spinach on top; here they only sprinkle some dried herbs. This bread is fluffy enough, so I recommend this to you all for your first time to try Egg Benedict. 
Before I put them all in my mouth, I cut the bread into half and the yolk is runny, the great moment to capture some photos for that scene, lol. The perfect poached egg for Egg Benedict, you should kick start your day with great brekkie over here. 

No. 5, Lorong Chulia, 10200 Georgetown, Penang.

Business Hours
9am - 5pm (kitchen closed at 3pm), closed on Tuesday

Contact Number


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Hope I don't get the Monday blue tomorrow, after rest for 5 days.

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