August 17, 2013

Dear Diary # 4

Whenever there are too many food posts in my blog, I'll write something personal to 'neutral' it; more food posts are coming soon. ^^
| the second time |
Attended Wei Wen's piano recital performance (should say, it's USM piano recital performance) for the second time, probably the last time as she is graduate this year. Like I said, thanks to her, if not I don't think I will go for this kind of performance in my life. Cause of this, I think I would love to attend another one as if there is another performance again. Bravo to her and her mates.
| face to face |
Went to Face to Face Noodle Face for their pan mee as I miss them again (KL's one of course). Was really hoped that the pan mee can make me surprise but they didn't turn out quite well, still prefer I Mum Mum Pan Mee compare to this (in Penang lah). 
| sushi tei |
Was planning to go Sushi Zanmai at first, yeah, it's finally open in Penang; but I heard that they don't really like it over here, I shall find a time and try it myself. To skip the queue, we went to Sushi Tei instead. Don't really like the service over there as we need to ask for our food to serve, awww, disappointed. But the salmon sushi did a little bit calm me down, quite good btw. 
| the lucky one |
I'm living somewhere near to Penang Turf Club for two and a half decades, but I never went inside the Turf Club until boyfie dragging me to there last week. He never been there either. I bet we are the youngest inside the club, you can only find aunties uncles over there. They were so excited when horses scamper towards the finish line, all of them shouting the lucky number they bought; we were the only one sitting still on the bench.  
| the key to success |
Saw this little hearty box on my table, a key-liked thumb drive which design by my big boss. Some of us were helping out the event during the Chung Ling High School visit weeks ago, and I was so lucky to be chosen as one of the presenter. As an appreciation, big boss gave us this for our hard work to make his event goes well that day. 

. . . . . . . . . . 

Change is needed.

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