August 30, 2013

I'm on newspaper!

My company annual dinner ended well with all the help from committees, as usual I'm one of them, working through the hard time just to bring the best to the employees.  It was worth as long as they were happy with all the program and prizes. Let's throw back and see what's happening on that day; I do not have much photos to show and I only had the chance to take photos with others before and after the dinner. I was so busy (should say all the committees were) walking around during the dinner, taking the lucky draw bowl for VIP to draw the chosen one, like I said: their luck is on my hand. The walking really killed me to the max with the help of my heels, I took off my heels after the dinner, walked to my parking lot from lobby just with my bare foot. Laugh. It was damn good to step on the ground.
Joel is the one who design the invitation card for employees, ticket-like invitation card is simple but nice; let's jump to the dinner. 
Each year we will have a photo booth nearby the entrance of the hall, so that employees can take photos before the dinner start. Props for photo shooting is the trend now,  we prepared them our own, all handmade, except for the masks and hats. 
Photos before the dinner, 1: with pretty committees, 2: the only man in our committee group, 3: Taiwan trainees, only 2 of them were here, the rest went to KL on that night, they are smart isn't it? Thanks to the Gurney Hotel artist so making the background so nice, it's really prettier than the previous year. Btw, the wheels were done by us, and artists helped us to hang the wheels on clothes.
Photo after the dinner with some of the engineers, I do take photos with other engineers but it's not inside my camera, will see if they upload to Facebook not. Congrats to Vincent (middle) who got the first lucky draw prize, a touch screen laptop from ASUS. I was not in luck, that's why my number did not picked up by VIP, so sad! At least give me a shopping voucher mah. :(

I got something else from my big boss, together with my colleagues from different department. Each year (started Year 2010 I think) our big boss will have special award - Outstanding Performance, to give away and the person is selected by each department head who they think they are competence. I was clapping so hard for my colleagues who got it and out of sudden, I heard my name as well! I still couldn't believe I'm actually taking this award, thanks to my manager but too bad he was not there that night. 
This is what I got for the award, a trophy and a iPad mini with my name on it. Yippy yay yay. Heard that we are on yesterday newspaper, Kwang Ming; my sis took the newspaper back to her house, that's why I still haven't peek on that news, small column lol. 

. . . . . . . . . .

I was a dreamer, and will be a dreamer.

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