August 2, 2013

Sabah, the land below the wind

Woke up early morning again (not that kind of 8-9am but 5am in the morning) and felt that it's time to have something done while listening to the drip drop rain. The drip drop sound remind me of Sabah, why is it so? Because the days when I was at Sabah, I listened to it like almost every night and it accompanied me when I was going to bed. So here comes my Sabah post after one month. 

Told you I was there not for playing trip but to join the Mangga Travel team for their fair. If you followed my blog, you should know I joined them once during Penang Matta Fair and they are all from Kuala Lumpur. Knew them through my cousin and this time they offered me to fly with them; went to Sabah which is the first time for most of us. Took leaves and poof I had my short holiday with them.
I was flying alone from Penang to KL a day before we departed to Kota Kinabalu; thanks to Mike and Davian for adopted me from the LCCT, it was late in the midnight if you want to know. I quite enjoy that moment, I mean flying alone to somewhere; it is like I only have my own for the entire exploration, I don't need to bother how others look at me and I'll just do what I want. Dreamer
Many first time for me during the trip and I'll keep reminding myself about those memories I had until my brain cell died. Yeah, I was in MAS and compare to AA (AirAsia), the seat is really much more comfortable and bigger space. Yet, each time I really dislike the way they landing, so hard! Grrr. Had our meal inside the plane as the flight is 3 hours to Kota Kinabalu; I brought a book too but I think most of the time I was asleep than reading it, but I did finished the book on the 2nd day and I wished I had brought more books tho. 
Love the sea, and the scenery. We were able to find some time before the fair, walking around the city to get some nice shots. Sabah is a good place to travel, because everything inside the city seems 'slow' and calm, somewhere away from your hustle and bustle life.
During weekend, we went to their pasar pagi to have a walk, hunted for souvenirs. You have no idea how clean is the street, we couldn't find a rubbish on the street, amazing no? The souvenirs I bought were not enough for all, sorry if you couldn't get one. 

[ F o o d i e ]
These are some of the food we had throughout the trip, no fancy seafood (which I think we should really go and try it) and nice dried shrimp (heard that it's really famous in Sabah), all we had is what you can find along the street and hawker center. Quite tasty tho.

[ A c c o m p a n i e s ]
Here comes the nice accompanies I have with me, nice travel with them and I wish we will meet again at somewhere somewhere. Davian don't like to be captured, so the one he playing with his phone is the only photo I can put up here. Specially thanks to Mike, Davian, Jimmy, Weyson and May for the wonderful days, you all made me feel like a princess and kiddo in myself throughout the trip. Miss you.

. . . . . . . . . . 

Chubby face, go away from me!


  1. Kolo Mee? OMG I'm so hungry now xD

    1. I think it's not Kolo Mee, the hawker there stated Wan Tan Mee lo LOL when I compose the post I also feel hungry xD