August 18, 2013

Eighty Tree Cafe . another gathering

It seems like I'm super inspired to blog this week, this is the third one for this week; I think I just want to blog most of pending posts before I create another blog-post-wave on coming trip. Can't wait, 2 more months to go. It was good to spend my whole day with my sista ppwen and Wei Wen after the piano recital, we didn't have this chance after ppwen stopped her job in Penang. Miss you miss you.
Here we were for our dinner of the night, Eighty Tree Cafe. I'd introduced this to my friends but didn't try it out myself, that's why I feel paiseh if they asked me the food is okay or not. It's hard to look for a parking lot alongside the cafe, there's a parking area just around the corner to the cafe, you may park there and walk a short distance to here. Spotted ppwen in the photo. 
The handmande menu and they also provide a food photo collection so that you can roughly know how is the food looks like. 
Comics are prepare, but look at the size, it's so tiny, and the wording is so small to read. Laugh out loud. It's so classic right? 
The owner put a lot of effort on their decoration, games are prepare as well (nowadays all those little cafe will provide a lot of classic games to diners, I think it's to kill the boredom or awkwardness during gathering). Love to take a shoot from top now. 
Mint Tea . Hazelnut Coffee . Orange Chocolate
Price range for their hot beverage (coffee and tea) is from RM4.90 to RM5.90. For coffee and chocolate drinks, they will serve together with some biscuits but mint tea did not come with one. Their drink is quite normal, don't really like the mint tea as the taste is too strong for me, but I did finish it off, don't waste mah
Grilled Red Snapper with Garlic Sauce . RM12.90
Ppwen ordered the grilled red snapper as well but with diavola sauce (lemon sauce), mine is with garlic sauce. I seldom order fish in western style restaurant/cafe as I prefer others, but this time I decided to give it a try and they did not failed me. When I saw the garlic sauce covered most of the grilled fish, I was so scare it will be quite greasy, but it's not and I was hoping they give more garlic sauce btw. Like the way they grilled the fish and it don't have that fishy smell at all. 
Egg Mayo Sandwich with French Fries . RM6.90
Wei Wen's. She is the one who always want to diet but we persuaded her to eat more, we sound so evil? NO, she is so thin and we have no idea why she keep saying herself fat, so end up she just order this sandwich for herself. 
When I went to foot a bill, I able to have a short chit-chat with the boss (I think) and he keep say sorry for no time to entertain us when we were there. What a humor owner. He explained why he used only red snapper instead of dory fish while others will use dory fish (cheaper) as the quality of red snapper is on top of dory fish. One thing I have to say, I don't really like dory fish, I think this is why I seldom order fish in western restaurant. 
Us on that night. Hope to have another outing with these 2 girls. Should I chop off my hair btw? 

Eighty Tree Cafe
Location: 83, Lebuh Cintra, 10100 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm, Closed on Monday
Contact Number: 04-2630361
FaceBook: Eighty Tree Cafe

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I wish I can explore all the cafes in Penang!

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  1. Another cute little cafe to add into my Penang must-visit list! :)