August 16, 2013

Cozy in the Rocket with bestie

Still remember the time when I went to Amelia Cafe with my Jhu babe? Click on the link if you forgot about this. I think most of the Penangites knew that Amelia Cafe is shut down and this little hidden gems is gone from the island; but then the proprietors of Amelia Cafe are back in business with a new name, Cozy in the Rocket. It was launched like few months back and caught my attention since then; didn't have a chance to get there until I got a call from my bestie Yin Shin. Managed to make a time with her (if you want to know, we didn't met for each other since we got into university), we decided to look for a good cafe as our first stop. 
Again, you can see the effort they put on their sign board, all handmade like usual. Spotted the flying pig with the word "la cucina", it means "the kitchen" in Italian (I'm actually googled it). Had no idea why they named it as Cozy in the Rocket, I can ask for the answer but I had zero contact with the bosses, they are still as cool as last time. Their services should improve (my personal thought). 
If you are a frequenter of Amelia Cafe, it's not hard for you to spot they actually move most of the artworks here. Lovely no? You can find fresh flowers are place on every wooden table, still love their idea to plug those flowers in bottles instead of proper vase.
The huge bar with tiny tin mugs hanging on top. Menu is chalked on the wooden board, so get your place and refer to this board for your order. The banana make me think of minions, gosh, so wish to get the plastic toys tho, minion-fever mode still ON. 
Miss wooden tables that you used at your 10++ ages? Students love to use liquid paper and make some doodling on the table, still remember no? Other than magazines, they also have event flyers; spotted the "Switch Their Life" from ASA.
Caffe Latte . RM10
I'm not a coffee lover but if you didn't try their coffee during your visit, it's a waste! In fact, there are no other choices for you instead of coffee, they do have juice, but only limited for one per day. Wine of course in the list as well lah. Didn't add a bit of sugar, still the caffe latte is good even with its bitter taste. Luckily I didn't feel a thing after this cup of coffee, took it with empty stomach. Gosh
Homemade Spaghetti with Bacon 'n' Asparagus . RM28
It sound so normal but the taste did surprise us. Never understand how the 'homemade' come from until I had a bite on the spaghetti, it's totally handmade! Not the normal pasta that you can get from supermarket and throw it into broil water, but they make the pasta themselves with flour. Literally, we finished it in a minute. Thanks to the bacon that boost the taste and also asparagus for making it not so oily. Bit of cheese slices is sprinkle on top to make the spaghetti become creamy-er. 
Homemade Gnocchi with Mushroom 'n' Truffle Oil . RM28
I did some research before meeting up my bestie that day, and the review on their gnocchi is quite good; so we gave it a try and it's totally worth of our penny. In case you don't know what is gnocchi, it's a kind of dumpling that mostly made from potato, wheat flour, egg and etc. I was so scare the gnocchi is full of wheat flour that you can't taste anything, in fact I was totally wrong; I can tasted the potato in every bite. I really adore this gnocchi until I can't even find a word to describe it.
Reflection of us on that sunny day, ps: her boyfie was tagged along and it's really a good outing overall. Wish to have more next time. ♥

Cozy in the Rocket
Location: 262 & 264, Lebuh Pantai, Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 10am - 5pm, closed on Monday
Contact Number: 012-4967838

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