November 9, 2012

Chong's reunion at Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant

Once my uncle and his family back in Penang last two weeks, the 3 brothers (my daddy and his brothers) planned for a small reunion for Chong's family. The place they chose is Khuntai, I never been there after my first try during January, click here for previous post.
Had a short chit chat with Ee Kee while waiting for my uncles, her house is few steps from this restaurant, quite convenient no? Laugh
We reached there around half hour earlier compare to other 2 families, so I helped my parents to get some couple shooting at the beach side, my mommy was so excited about this! I think they didn't went to beach for quite some time, beach-phobia? Haha! We 11 people of us, we order night dishes to try, I tried some of them before, let's the photo do the talking now, will you?
White Tomyam with Mixed Seafood
Chap Oong Omelette 
Pandan Chicken
Kailan with Oyster Sauce
Prawn Cake
Kelabu Mango
Sweet and sour steam fish
Crisp Fried Kangkong in flour
Deep-fried Calamari
Price is not stated in this post, their menu clearly show the price of big and small portion for every dishes. I was in the rush to take every food photo, as they were so fast to grab the food (we were totally starved that time). Most of the food are okay to us, but we couldn't order more, too much for us, maybe next time we can try other dishes than these.
The Chong's family member, my sis and her hubby were not here with us as they working on that day. I look so tired in this photo! Sigh.

Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant
Location: 1052, Mukim 9, Pasir Belanda, Teluk Kumbar 11920 Penang.
Business Hours: 11am-12am (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-6251155

. . . . . . . . . . . . 

Am I really that good like what you thought? Maybe, when I pay out with my heart.

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