November 17, 2012

The Twelve Cups with friends

Scrolling my FB news feed from top to bottom, I can see most of my friends from secondary school chilling at the same cafe nowadays, you know why? One of our friend open a cafe together with her dearies for the sake of their dream; so as their friend, it's a must to give them our support and intro the place to others. Calvin, Sock Keng came out from Butterworth to jio me and Jie Xiang for high tea; I was the one who decide the place for them since most of the restaurants/cafes are on my fingertips (learn from my manager LOL).
Ta-dah! Present to you, The Twelve Cups, it's not hard to locate the shop, I was so excited when saw the signboard along the way.
The interior once you step into the cafe; the little landlady, Chendy was so busy preparing diners' orders at the counter there, see her?
Heart their idea to put contrast colors on their wall, here we can see black, white and mostly is in yellow color. Once come in, the first thing you need to do is to find a seat for yourself, then place your order at the counter there. Menu is written on the board and you can pick your mille crepe next to the counter, more variety of beverages are coming soon, stay tuned for that.
Found something that caught my attention in the cafe, the union jack bike! Scroll down for more interior of the cafe.
Told yea, mostly in yellow color which represent the happiness; the "Never Stop Dreaming" make me start my dream again, and again. Met a lot of secondary schoolmates in the cafe, keep greet and say HI to them, nice huh? Now, let's go to the next chapter: Food!
Tropicana Breeze . RM12.90
While waiting for the drinks, we were talking about the weather; normally when near to evening, sure Penang is raining cats and dogs, but the hot sun came out that day. So let's the smoothies do the job to kill the torrid feel, like typical Tropicana drinks, it consists of apple, orange and mixed berry. Should have try the taste but I was too busy to walk around and hunt for the crepe.
Cappuccino . RM8.90
SK's cup of coffee, she took lots of brown sugar pack, of course for us as well. Something make me laugh out loud was she added 2 packs of sugar yet still claimed that the coffee didn't taste right, when she planned to add another pack, she just realized that she never stir the coffee, so here's come the no wonder! Cute girl she is, glad to have her around during outing.
Caffe Latte . RM9.90
My cup of coffee is slightly bigger than SK one, I just added 1 pack of sugar and the taste is just right, but I feel that even if I didn't add the sugar, the coffee still that good. Seriously like the coffee brew scent when we stepped into the cafe, at first also thought to get smoothies but the coffee really quite tempting, I believe you understand my feeling.
Hokkaido Chocolate . RM10.90
I'm not sure for this name, I just remember it has Hokkaido in front, and since it's in black, I just add black at the back; tell me if I'm wrong okay? (Changed since my accompany of the day remind me of the name LOL). Saw the brown thingy between the crepe layer? At first I thought they are red bean, in fact they are chips!
Tiramisu . RM10.90
I'm not fancy about chocolate cake, the next one will be Tiramisu; don't know why, maybe I don't know how to taste it, taste-buds problem. Laugh. But this is different, because the Tiramisu taste is not that strong, which still can accept (I mean by me).
Matcha . RM10.90
Nowadays, green tea and red bean become a perfect match, the first I'll thought of Starbucks' Red Bean & Green Tea frappuccino, now the next I'll thought of the mille crepe here. The green tea flavor here not that strong, so still acceptable for those who doesn't like it.
Hokkaido Milk . RM10.90
After since I started to have mille crepe in my life, I never think that I like cakes anymore, only crepe can satisfy me now I would say. Original always the best for me, so I like this Hokkaido Milk the most which topped with chocolate slices, feel to have one now! 
The master piece of theirs, it's like mural is a hit thing in Penang nowadays, stay tuned for the mural photo-shoot after we had our high tea at The Twelve Cups. So, let's pay our friends a visit, support and enjoy your day with the coffee brew, awww, I'm feeling good!

The Twelve Cups
Location: 12, The Whiteaways Arcade, Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang.
Business Hours: 8am-10pm (Sunday to Thursday), 8am-12pm (Friday to Saturday)
Contact Number: +604-2626812
Facebook: The Twelve Cups (Click Like!)

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  1. Did you ask why their cafe named as 12 Cups Cafe?

  2. *Calvin* Thanks and changed ^^

    *Tehooo* This is the part I missed, but I guess it's because they are 12 in person? LOL will update you once I ask them :D

  3. looks nice the cafe =)
    gonna try it!

    1. Yeah, it's really nice, go try try and support ^^