November 18, 2012

New mural at Step by Step Lane

After had our good time at The Twelves Cup (go chill there and give them a strike), we were trying to look for the new mural nearby Chulia Street Ghaut; we saw many people posting it in FB, the mural just up for 1 week I guess. It's not hard to locate the mural as they installed a banner over the back alley few days ago (after we been there, glad that we found it without any help). 
This is it, the "Brother and Sister on a Swing" mural at the back alley, they even created a street sign call "Step by Step Lane". They make another swing set right to the kids, and the sister is looking straight at you if you sit on the swing, it's so cool!
We were invited (I should say all of the people who visit the mural) by SBS Paper Products to leave our signature on their back door. Now the rusty back door is well adorned with signature, I left mine one at the right door, you will find mine with the girl I always draw.
We were so lucky to meet the muralist, Louis Gan who was also wearing red shirt with the boys; he is so funny, imitated my post kissing the sister on wall, not going to post that photo up, I look hell ugly with the post. Laugh. It's good to have him here now to continue the mural painting which was started by Zacharevic, heard that he is now working on his second mural!
Last but not least, it's us with the mural. We spent quite some time there, took silly photos with the mural, felt the natural vitamin D soaking up in our pores, and the laughter we made along the back alley. It's another sweaty outing with them.

. . . . . . . . . . 

I wish my weekends never end.


  1. The lil girl staring at you..

  2. Yeap, like saying please dont stand so close to me?? :P

    1. Aiks! She is not, she is saying I smile so sweet okay lol

    2. ^^ yes, you are