November 4, 2012

Ben's by BIG

Even I'm staying in my lovely Penang island (a.k.a food heaven), still there are a lot of nice restaurants in Kuala Lumpur which I yet to try. I heard about BIG group, and I like their concept that encapsulated the love for food and how it ties people, relationship and experiences together (copied from their page). Since we were in Pavilion, Ben's just right in front of us, so why not we give it a try?
Like their design on every outlet, it's just simple like our home to have couch at the entry. Kids nowadays are really hang fok, I never step into these restaurants at their age until I'm capable to earn single penny on my own.
Saw my reflection on the mirror? Laugh! Like their hearty navy blue and white pillows on the couch, it's really comfy to dine there.
The interior is quite simple, mainly full with 3 colors, white, black and yellow (if you didn't count the couch color, haha). I really in love with their wood-made wall and all the frames and photos that show great memories are the plus for Ben's.
Getting frustrated when it takes forever for your food to reach you? Don't be. Try to read through all the little recipes they prepared for diners, if you run out of topic, refer to their table topic to let the conversation keep flowing throughout the dining session. Sweet no?
Always the best topic among men and women, agree?
Didn't ordered any drinks there, they served us the sky juice with drops of lemon, refillable btw. I have a bad habit: like to look-into napkin design whenever I go, here, they have the BIG concept printed on the napkin, simple but they bring out the message like this.
Spaghettini Pomodoro . RM20.90
All of the price in the menu consider quite reasonable with the portion like this, if you are small eater, you may not finish one by yourself, so sharing is recommended. The spaghetti is cook with their home-made traditional tomato sauce and herbs, they added the taste by topped some cheese slices. Due to the tomato pulp, the spaghetti actually tasted sour and it is quite savory after-all.
Creamy Tomato Spaghettini . RM22.90
I think I got the right name for it (it must be!), I still couldn't believe that I actually finish this pasta all by my own, while my dearies couldn't finished theirs. My first time to try something like this, when it first came to me, I thought it's something like curry pasta?! After tasted it, I found that it's quite special, it's creamy (cook with cheese and milk I think), spicy with the chili flakes and bacon is in the portion as well. The gravy is quite watery, so becareful when you have this, in case the sauce spew on you.
Fisherman's Catch . RM25.90
Highly recommend from my cousin (after I told her I dined over there). Let's start from the fresh coleslaw, lemon is come together with this dish, you can either squeeze it in your coleslaw, tartar sauce (even the tartar sauce is mixed with lemon already) and also on your fish fillet! There are a lot of sesames on the top of the homemade bun, with the fish fillet and vegetables as filling, this is awesome with few drops of lemon juice. The fries given are too much to finish by us, fries should be finish when they are still hot, yummier.
Mushroom Lasagne . RM23.90
It's consist of layers of pasta, sauteed mushrooms (their mushroom really fresh btw), herbs and lots of cheeses, then the lasagna is baked until turn golden. Together, they served a small bowl of pesto sauce and vegetables salad. Vegetables given is quite a lot as you can munch it if you started to feel greasy with the lasagna that full of cheeses
Oozy Cheese Toastie . RM18.90
You can know about what they stuff inside the sandwich from its name. Yeah, the main ingredient for this sandwich is cheese; it consist of three different kind of cheeses, cheddar, gruyere and parmesan cheese. To cut down the greasy feel, you may top up RM3 to add the turkey ham. A bowl of vegetables salad and 4 colors chips are come together with this sandwich, the chips are quite crispy when they are still hot, still we couldn't finish the chips, too much fried food for the night.
The cute waiter that always paid attention on our table in case we need his help; he looked at me when I took this photo! Laugh.
Like I said, kids nowadays really hang fok to dine here. The cute boy did a lot of funny post so that his daddy can snap it down. Cute no?
Girls for the night. Heart shape. We should have more gathering like this, at least once a year since we are far apart (not really tho). 

Location: Pavilion KL Shopping Mall, Lot 6.11 Sixth Floor, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11am - 10pm; Eve of Public Holiday, Friday & Saturday 11am - 12am
Contact Number: +603-21415290

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Someday if I own Nikon, it might not due to the function, but the "Welcome Home"

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