November 11, 2012

First try at Tong Pak Fu, Gurney Plaza

Something good about being a teacher is you will have one month+ holidays every year end, so does my sis, now she is having a good time not to work every day, kind of envy her life now! We went to have karaoke session yesterday before went to Tong Pak Fu
This is another outlet in Penang, and it's still new, people queued for seats, but we didn't waited for long, just around 15 minutes. Phew.
The dessert house mostly filled with white and orange, a very cute combination; but something not good about this outlet is their space, too small to fit so many people, there is only few inches from table to table. Even they have lots of waitress and waiters, still they were quite busy to handle the crowd, and bills need to pay by ourselves at the counter in front.
The cute chandelier, one side with the white cloud shape, the another one is old-school lamp, I prefer the latter one tho. 
Lucky us to have sofa seats at the side, and here's come the menu for our dessert; Tong Pak Fu is more to Hong Kong style dessert, fyi.
As you can see from their napkins, their famous and signature is the Durian Snow Ice, but we didn't order that one, didn't have the mood to get durian, laugh; and the second reason was I think I'm going to suffer from the sore throat, hope that I got the wrong signal.
Crystal Pearls with Honey Dew Topping and Milk Snow Ice . RM7.80
Shared this snow ice with sister, the crystal pearls mention in the name are mean to sago pearls, they put a lot of this under the milk snow ice, you need to dig them out at the bottom. We have 5 pieces of small honey dew, the fruit quite fresh and sweet; and I really like their milk snow ice, the milk taste is quite strong here. If you want to enjoy your snow ice before they melted, you need to act fast. 
Curry Fish Balls . RM6.80
Feel weird we had this in a dessert house? But the curry really good, and I saw quite a lot of people ordered this as well, so we were not weirdos, we were just hungry and feel to get something solid. My sister is not a fish ball lover but she said this is really not bad when mixed with the thick curry sauce; and it was served steaming hot. 
Some people still boycott this dessert house as their spokesperson insulting Malaysia food but no harm trying this right? Cheers. 

Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert
Location: Right next to Sony Center and Hui Lau Shan in Gurney Plaza
Business Hours: 11am - 10pm (Daily)
Contact Number: 604-2290120

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I'm not a girl who suit manicure seriously, I'm too gaucherie. Laugh!

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