October 23, 2010

Stupid Final

Need to face 2 papers on Monday
one on Wednesday
then we will have a 13 days break before the last 2 papers
so am I going back to my sweet little hometown
or staying at uni after the final?
if I stay over here, where should I stay?
so many questions popped out and all with unsure answer

I can't wait for the last paper
we gonna have sisters outing on that day after my paper!
if time is allow, deal?
I hope I have time for my craft-work
more and more ideas detonate in my mind
and I think I'll go to the Pipit Wonderful Market
on 13th of November
any accompany?
we need to walk in crowds under the broiling weather
*I guess*
with my little pinky baby (optional)

| Muddle colors |

see the combination?
this is so called 'interesterification'
which involves the exchange of colors among the flip-flops
Orange + Black = Orangy black
in the end, chemistry makes me crazy
I want to get rid of you

| I was born to tell you I love you |