October 1, 2010

no more 4 hours sleep

I had handed in my proposal
nightmare ends and I can have a nice sleep 
no more dozed off in front my lappie
we realized that this thesis thingy can easily make us broke
hundreds will spend on it I think
I had the complicated feeling when I hold my proposal
we endured all kind of hardships just to finish that
Grateful I should say

| Me with my masterpieces |

Had lunch with some of my coursemates
I need to defecate that I'm not really have a big stomach
but they just don't believe it
because while I say I'm bloated, I still dig for those yummylicious food
I just can't resist nice food
I bet you also same with me right?

| Menu of Boston Restaurant |

* * * * * * * * *

I beg your pardon...

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