October 9, 2010

A day out

Went to Zouk Cafe with friends in The Gardens
now they have the lunch promo - Buy 1 get 1 Free
so we went there for a taste
the place is calm and spacious
suitable for those who want to do some chit-chat
but we felt disappointed with the food

| A kind of  fish |

sorry to say that I cannot recall the name of this
taste good if compare with others yet not the best that we had

| Seafood Aglio Olio |

Felt excited at first when we saw it serves with the scallops
but it ain't cooked
not the same like what I had ate before

This is just a dining experience of us
and I didn't intend to forbid you from trying for yourselves
after all
it's still worth a visit though

Starts from 2nd until 17th of this month,
Trunks & Toys Exhibition by Louis Vuitton is 'foray' in The Garden
the collection, some of which are from the 
Louis Vuitton Museum in Paris
it's worth to spent your 10 minutes time
just to see their antique trunks and vintage toys
happy to say that: We were at there
| Louis Vuitton's booklet |

Like the booklet which full of the pictures
and the info about the trunks and toys


  1. I missed it!!! though i passed by that day >.<

  2. Haha, you just passed by, didn't go and see le~
    You still have 3 days time before the exhibition ends

  3. thanks for coming to our event...hope have a good time there and we're appreciate it a lot =) ...