October 16, 2010

Another birthday girl

Happy birthday to our Syndy
time for her to turn double 2 after ours
and we had a crazy birthday celebration for her
and I sacrificed just for her - uglified myself

| Secret Recipe |

Bought the White Chocolate Macadamia for her
since she don't like chocolate
but too bad we don't have refrigerator and it melted 
hope you don't mind about that

| Wrapper |

Wrapper for her pressie
can you see the design?
1 + 1 =
Me + = You
You =
she loves that meaningful pressie from us
stay healthy and happy my Syndy

ps: I like the Durian Durian from Secret Recipe
let's go to have another bite


  1. awwwwwhhhh =D=D=D

    Thanks fishie ^^

    Wonderful meaningful pressie
    We start with love and we shall end with love too <3<3<3
    Thanks for everything u guys did

    *hearts max*


  2. Haha, welcome la. You are our sister, will did anything just for you
    Stay happy always ya